Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Village By The Name Of Kampung Pulau Gasing

This a small village and is nor far from the town of Patani. It  takes about half an hour to reach this village(kampung). Most of the residents in this kampung are Malays and they are Muslims.

Most of the villagers here are farmers. They work on their farm early in the morning.In the evening they gather at the 'surau' to pray.They read Al Quran and also listen to speech given by the religious teacher. He is graduated from Al Azhar University.
Here he works without pay. He is happy with job.

I remember Ustaz Yaakub a young pious religious teacher. He is a rubber tapper.. He teaches hadith and Al Quran to the kampung folk.People in this village respected him very much. He had three sons.

But the recognized devil and the gunmen hate him.The devil goes around the village telling bad things about him.But the villagers never believed what the devil had told them.

The devil and the gunmen are good friends.


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